ICCO Pizzeria, Fitzrovia

This is a frequent haunt of mine as it’s about 5 minutes from my office, making lunchtime pizza a possibility. Today I went for Funghi to takeaway, which came in at a super cheap £4.50 for a full pizza!

Back at my office I tucked into the mushroom-laden feast, with a garlic and herb dip for my crusts. Overall with ICCO, you get a bit more than you pay for – it’s never groundbreakingly good, but with prices starting at £3.95 for a big 12″ you really can’t go too wrong.

The base is crispy at the edges and floppy in the middle, the sauce is pretty average, but they have good cheese coverage and they’re generous with toppings! The other great thing about ICCO is the variety of veggie options (including the option to make your pizza vegan on certain items) it’s about half and half meaty and veggie, a welcome change from the usual 2 options.

The atmostphere when you eat in is pretty good, it’s remeniscent of a new york pizzeria in design and similar to an office canteen in terms of clientel at lunchtime. It’s a fitzrovia institution and super popular with both the trendy media types and the serious business folk alike.

Overall, this time ICCO gets 7/10


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