Paradise slice, brick lane

Having just seen 8 great shorts at shorts on tap, me and my long term film friend Anna-Marie Ramm felt a need for a good slice, so we headed to brick lanes signature pizza place, paradise slice. 

In a street where you’re more likely to find overpriced cereal, amazingly cheap and yummy bagels, and more choices for Indian food than you can shake a stick at, this pizza joint has its market cornered.

The slices average at about £3 for veggie and £4 for meat, and are well sized- not insanely big but deffo enough to fill you comfortably after one. 

This is by far the best pizza base I’ve experienced so far- in Anna’s words “crunchy on the bottom and moist on top” the other great thing about the base is you can taste the yeast, but it’s not overpowering. 

The atmosphere is friendly and cheery inside with some great pizza art including a ninja turtle piece seen here:

There isn’t much sitting room it’s more of a stand and eat, so maybe not great if you want a long sit down pizza time, but they make up for that with their choice of supplementary toppings, they had my absolute fave- parm and chilli flakes as well as chilli oil and more! 

My only criticism of my slice experience would be that the cheese wasn’t very stringy- but that’s a personal preference I guess.

Paradise slice gets 9/10 on the pizza scale

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