Yard Sale, Hackney 


Yard Sale pizza have a great atmosphere, it’s a familiar haunt of mine as its literally round the corner from my house. 

This evening, after a sunny day turned into a chilly evening, we decided some pizza was in order, and so we used the handy order service Yard Sale offer on their website. We went for one of our usually (TSB -tender stem broccoli) and their veggie special of the day- “Cheesus walks!” Which was basically all the cheese possible paired with walnut pesto. This was a great pie- although a little greasy, in fact some of the grease fell off my slice onto our rather neglected table and worked wonders for the wood! So that’s an extra plus: 

Overall Yard Sale dominate in the toppings department, really fresh, inventive and generous, not to mention some great pun names for the specials. However, the base is quite floppy, not crisp, which can lead to toppings falling off and a general harder-to-eat situation if you’re not using cutlery. 

Ceiri and Jen agreed that if the crust had more crunch on the bottom, this would be a much better pizza. 

With that criticism out of the way, I’d urge pizza enthusiasts to try it, as the toppings and sauce make up for the crust 10 times over. Yard sale gets 8/10 

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