The Pizza Emporium, Innocent Unplugged


Ahhh festival season is upon us, and we started out with Innocent Unplugged, a festival organised by innocent smoothies where the premise asks you to leave your phone behind and give up technology for a weekend. We had a great time, but learnt quickly that 2 of the food trucks for the weekend had bailed, leaving the festival under-fooded (that is not a word)

I went for the pizza option cause why not, and almost immediatly regretted my decision. The line was deceptively short- with two indistinguishable queues, one for ordering and one for collecting (apparently, although there was nothing to tell anyone this) and I waited in line to order for about 1 & 1/2 hours by which time I decided the best course of action was to order two pizzas so I wouldn’t have to queue again wasting my valuable festival fun time. Another half hour later  and £15 lighter,I finally got to walk away with one veg and one margarita, frantically taking the above photo with my film camera before the hanger consumed my soul and I was lost forever.

Overall I guess the pizza was fine, it had standard toppings and a good sauce, but the crust was burnt at the edge and not crisp in the middle – I think they must’ve been cooking as quick as possible to try and keep up. I think under other circumstances it would’ve been acceptable as a pretty good pizza, but the rushed cooking, burnt sides and general waiting to pizza raitio earned The Pizza Emporium a 4/10

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