Papa John’s, Hackney Wick


Sometimes when you’re horrifically hungover, all you want is a good classic takeaway pizza, so like a fool I ordered an XXL with two sides. I did not need that much pizza. It lasted about 3 days.

For some perspective, an XXL pizza from there is about the size of a car wheel, and I managed to get through about 3 slices of that, two slices of garlic bread and maybe 4 wedges. It’s a pretty good pie overall, nice crust and adequate topping but the dipping sauce situation they have needs to be seriously addressed. If you’ve ever ordered from Papa John’s you know the peril of their super weird garlic butter dip, which tastes vaguely of white paint.

IMG_6088The problem I encountered was that they don’t clearly indicate on the website which is the weird garlic butter (Special Garlic) and which is the non weird sauce (Garlic and Herb) so like a fool I just went for special garlic. This is the worst attempt at garlic butter I’ve ever tasted and it really ruins the Papa John’s experience. For that reason I gotta knock off some points from an otherwise delightful pizza experience.

For their hangover curing, terrible dip, and great value for money, Papa John’s gets 6/10.

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