Pizza Express, Cambridge

It’s my birthday, I’ll eat pizza if I want to! The song needs work but Pizza Express is always a pretty safe bet. I went for their new choice Soho 65, which was a pretty great mix of a cooked pizza and fresh toppings – it also had ALL the cheese.

One thing we need to talk about are the doughballs, oh how do they get them so soft and fluffy? It’s just wonderful. The dips are also great, harissa, pesto and garlic butter all come with the sharing version.It’s a british tradition to get Pizza Express doughballs. IMG_6317

I mean, it will always feel like a chain, and you’ll never get great service because of that, but potential for discounts and vouchers readily available online makes up for that a bit. Also their drinks are pretty okay prices, we got prossecco to celebrate my big quarter of a century, and it was under a fiver.

The base is really great on the classic pizzas, they’ve got a little bit of fluff but not too much, but the thinner versions are basically a huge cracker! Very thin, they might as well not be there.

For their reliability, doughballs and good menu, Pizza Express get 7/10

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