Dominos, Willesden Green

As I arrived to grab the last of my belongings from my old house in Willesden Green, I got a text from Charis saying she was getting Dominos for tea, obviously that ment I was too as it was a Tuesday. 2 for 1 pizza is always welcome in my books.

I went for a classic crust with mushrooms and olives, my favorite combination, and of course, an extra-large garlic and herb dip. Charis, in her panic about leaving London for a month ordered two extra large garlic and herb dips, one for her pizza and one to take to Essex (where I’m pretty sure there are dominos pizzas….) that’s how awesome this dip is.

To be honest, Dominos pizza is nice and all, but 90% of the reason I order from there is just the dip, after all, dominos lacks the crispy base I love so dearly, and their sauce has gone downhill in recent years, it’s nothing to write home about. They do have good cheese coverage and adequate toppings, but the dip is the star of the show.

I found the pizza weirdly addictive and had to be told to stop on slice number 7 before I ate it all and exploded! Overall, I give Dominos 7/10, mostly for the dip.

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