Homeslice, Fitzrovia

I’ve been to Homeslice before, so was expecting good things when I signed up for their £10 slice and spritz night, after all, who could turn down all-you-can-eat pizza? They didn’t let me down.

With me on my quest to try all the veggie slices possible were the wonderful Jen McGee and the convivial (almost) Dr Jess, who treated us to a happy slice dance!


The staff were wonderfully friendly at homeslice, and the atmosphere is really chilled and cosy. It was easy to have a good chat as the music wasn’t overpowering and we didn’t feel like they were rushing us at all – if anything they seemed to want us to stay way past when we were full!

The Slices

Slice one – Margartia

At first we were a bit worried it was going to be just margarita all night, but to be honest that wouldn’t have been the end of the world as damn do they do a bangin’ marg. The thing that makes it so great is that they add a light salt to the bottom, which brings all the amazing flavours out in the dough at the sauce.

(Between slice one and two, meat-eater Jess sampled some extra slices but wouldn’t slow down enough to let me know how they were/let me take a good pic, she was hungry)

Slice two -Courgette and Artichoke

Two of my fave toppings, this pizza made up for the delicate flavour of the courgette with the tangy artichokes, this slice felt healthy and light, it would be easy to eat a whole pizza of it without feeling like you were going to explode.

Slice three/four – Caprese

We were begining to get parinoid that there weren’t going to me more veggie slices so me and Jen grabbed two slices for this one. This slice was never going to be my fave because it has a pet hate of mine – raw red onion. It was so weird to have a completely cold pizza that was meant to be that way, but it worked! The flavour balance was delicate (after I took off the onions….) and it was overall quite refreshing!

Slice five – Mushroom, Pumpkin Seed, Ricotta and Chili

This is probably one of the best pizzas in London. It’s so rich though a slice is enough, but the flavours and textures in this are so well balances and delicious I let out a little squeel of excitement when I saw it coming.

Slice six – Aubergine, Cauliflour Cheese, Spinach & Harrisa

This one was my least favorite, I’m not sure why exactly, but the cauliflour cheese tasted kind of meaty, and the harissa didn’t come through that much. By this point I was getting pretty full and I didn’t even want to finish this.

Slice seven and eight – Margartia

I grabbed another slice for me and ended up finishing Jess’ slice too as by this point she was so insainly full of meaty pizza time she was flagging a bit. Jen was hapily munching away still, not even close to done.

Slice nine – Mushroom, Pumpkin Seed, Ricotta and Chili

Yeah, despite being about to hit my wall, I really love this pizza so I had another slice, and it broke me, I was so full I could hardly move. With a happy full pizza belly we rolled off down the street, ready for bed.
It’s official, with this deal Homeslice did the best pizza I’ve had in London so far, but usually they’re £4 a slice so I’m gonna tie them with Voodoo Rays, they’re at the top of my leader board with 9.99 out of 10

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