Pizza Hut, Greenwich

Growing up in the 90’s in britain meant that pretty much every kids party was held in either Pizza Hut or Mcdonalds, so it’s hard to re-enter Pizza Hut without a nostalgic view of the place. This was a post-cinema pizza, having just seen the amazing new Amma Asante film, A United Kingdom.

We went for the big sharer deal, which was probably too much food for two people, but we were determined to finish it. There’s something about the deep pan crispy, kind of oily base that’s just so decadent and delicious, but as a grown up I now notice that the rest of the pizza is kind of a doughy mess.

The toppings were pretty generous, but overpowered the sauce a bit too much, it would’ve been nice to still taste a bit of tomato under all the veg. on top. The side dishes were great, Charlie (of pct fame) made a controversial decision in choosing jalapeno poppers, which is a snack I’ve never understood – why use cream cheese when you could be using mozzarella? And they’re never spicy enough, it’s just like a weird wet pepper with soggy cheese. Definitely not my food of choice.






Poppers to the left, frickles to the right.


My choice, was a new addition to their menu – frickles! That’s a breaded, fried pickle. They were amazing. I love pickles on a normal day but the crispy outer coating added a whole new dimension to it. I would have this everyday if I could, but I think probably that would land me in hospital.

Our third side was the standard cheesy garlic bread, which was of course, delicious. I mean, bread, cheese and garlic, you really can’t go wrong! In addition to the sides everyone gets a free salad bar at Pizza Hut, which was fine but to be honest, a bit basic.

After we’d made it through this mountain of food, washed down with their strange variety of fizz (you can add strawberry flavour to everything?) we tackled the ice cream factory. It was getting a bit late at this point and it was obvious they were getting ready to close,  so there were no sauces, and the toppings were pretty limited, but for some reason the rush of knowing you can have as much ice cream as you want is still exciting, despite the fact I have never in my life made it past two bowls.

Overall, I’d say if you want a throwback to your childhood, Pizza Hut is still for you, but in terms of actually eating there, it’s probably better to just get it delivered so you can have a carb-educed nap right after. Pizza Hut gets 6/10.

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