The Bite, Dalston

I find it hard to pass up a 50% off takeout offer, so when UberEats slid that little deal into my inbox, I felt the need to have a sunday evening pizza party. Ceiri and Charlie (of pct fame) accompanied me on this journey.

I went for The Bite mostly because they had some good veggie options, and it seemed like a good price. The first thing I noticed was how quickly the food arrived, it had estimated 8.30 for the arrival on the app but it made an appearance at 8.10! Still really nice and hot, and ready for our hungry hands.

We went for 2 pizzas, the Rimini Rimini (Tomato sauce, mozzarella, cherry tomato, artichokes, green olives and oregano) and the Gisella (Tomato sauce, mozzarella, roasted mix peppers, cherry tomato, black olives, courgette, green pesto sauce and oregano) with a side of garlic bread with cheese and also houmous with more bread, in some sort of crazy carboloading feast.












Ceiri the dessert queen also got a Chocolate Calzone (Calzone with Nutella chocolate, nuts and honey) to satisfy her sweet tooth.

I would say this is the best flimsy base pizza I’ve had, the toppings were exceptionally well balanced. Overall it was a bit wet, but none of the wetness went through to create a soggy base, so it wasn’t an unpleasent experience. The toppings were fresh, plentiful and flavoursome, with a good amount of cheese. The garlic bread was nicely fluffy and cheesy, and the houmous was smooth and delicious.

I wasn’t a huge fan of the calzone, maybe because I’m not big on sweets, maybe because I was already full, or maybe because the sauce wasn’t very evenly spread meaning you got some bites which were just dough. But Ceiri seemed to enjoy it.

I’d definitely visit this place again to get the dine in experience, overall The Bite gets 7.5/10.

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