La Porchetta, Camden

This is a chain in London with 5 different locations in the northern areas. We went here pre-gig for a quick dinner before the Music Venue Trust‘s awesome fightback gig at the roundhouse.

My dining partners for this experience were the laavvvlly Kat and Charis, who had the pleasure of accompanying me to see Everything Everything (I think they were mostly there for the band rather than me…).

We weren’t super hungry so we just got one Pizza to share, but the staff were very accommodating and had no trouble swapping out a blue cheese on the Quattro Formagio for a non-blue at our request.

The pizzas here are big, and have plenty of toppings but other than that I wouldn’t say they’re remarkable. The base is floury and crunchy, but there wasn’t much taste to it. The cheese blend was very good, and the sauce was nice and tomatoey. But overall I’m not sure I’d return, it’s not life-changing pizza. That being said the staff were friendly, we were served quickly and the prices here are pretty good, so La Porchetta get 6/10.

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