Sacro Cuore, Crouch End

Yet another post-film pizza, this delight followed an attendance at the awesome Underwire Film Festival, a festival made to celebrate women’s talents in the film world. After seeing some killer shorts at the cute Arthouse cinema, we trundled down the road for some dinner discussion.

I was joined by the wonderful companions Anna, Hennie and Jen on this culinary expedition. The first thing that hits you when you walk in the door is the smell. it’s so good that even though Anna and Hennie had already eaten, they decided to get a pizza to share, that is one convincing smell.

I went for the Tartufata (Buffalo D.O.P. mozzarella, mushrooms, Parmesan cheese shavings, fresh basil, truffle oil) Anna and Hennie shared the Marinara (Tomato sauce, garlic, oregano, fresh basil, extra virgin olive oil) and Jen had the special of the day, Rocket, Buffalo D.O.P. mozzarella, cherry tomatoes and homemade pesto base. It was a short wait before the piping hot pies came out to our table.

The dough is the main event here, it’s perfectly squidgy and, although it’s not a solid crispy base, it still holds its own. The toppings were perfectly paired and plentiful. Anna asked for extra parmesan as the marinara doesn’t come with cheese and they added it for no extra charge, although she admitted after that actually it didn’t need cheese, the sauce and garlic were so good.

Jen’s pizza was piled high with fresh rocket, giving a crunchy peppery taste to start with, followed by a mellow and delicious homemade pesto. My pizza had mushrooms galore, with plenty of parmesan and truffle oil, although I will admit, a light sprinkle of sea salt would’ve brought out the flavours even more. The only downside is the burn bubbles on the crust, which aren’t terrible but are definitely not to everyone’s taste.

I think I’ll be visiting again pretty soon, for some fresh, wood-fire pizza, overall Sacro Cuore gets a solid 8/10.


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