All the pizza at Bestival

Yestival it’s Bestival with my bestie(val)s. This was my second year attending the legendary festival on the Isle of Wight and I’ve got to say, they need to step up their game. We arrived after having slept about 5 hours in my packed car, we wondered dazed into the festival and managed to turn up at the exact moment they were marking out wider boundaries for the campsite! Win for us as this meant we were in a great location.

After some supremely lacklustre sound from the main stage, and vision mixing which would’ve been better static, it was finally time to eat. My first pizza trial was Pasta Pizza, a thin crust offering from a stall which had 2 chains in the festival. It was overpriced at £10, but was passable. The sauce was kind of salty but has no basil in, but it did seem to be made out of fresh tomatoes which is a plus. The base was really plain, no taste of yeast, salt or anything really, but it was nice and crispy, and not burnt. The cheese was obviously very generic, but there was an adequate amount of it on the pizza, and overall it was well cooked. The price let this place down, but for a festival effort they get a solid 5/10.

A night of partying followed, and the next day at about 3pm I got the pizza rumblings again so I headed over to Chevy fired pizza, a cute little stall making pizza and baked potatoes. When I arrived there was a pretty long queue so I was prepared for a wait, but luckily I heard right before that the delay was with margaritas only so opted for the veggie instead. This meant I was only waiting about 5 minutes before a lovely hot, square pizza was in my hands. They even had sauce!

The toppings were great, lots of cheese and some much needed veggies, and the base was lovely and springy – much less crispy than the first pizza. But the sauce really let this pizza down, it was a bit watery and not very flavourful which maybe suggests it was from a tin. For a festival I think they did a pretty good job and it was well priced at £7 for a pretty filling pizza. Chevy Fired Pizza get 6/10.


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