Pepe, Leicester Square

A friend is still a friend, even if you’ve hardly seen each other for 6 years! At least I think that’s true with my dear friend Annie, who has been off on adventures around the world since we left A-levels.

When you mostly find out about each others lives through facebook, you learn a few key details, like the fact that I love pizza. So Annie suggested that we pop to Pepe’s as she’s been there a few times before.

PepeĀ Italian Street Food is a by the slice place, serving up long rectangular pizzas which made me think of a school canteen a bit – but only due to the shape, the toppings were far superior to our school pizzas (sorry lunchladies!) with a variety of traditional combinations.

I went for the Fiorentina, and Annie went for a Sausage and Mushroom slice, both of which were heated up in minutes and ready to eat, piping hot. It’s a floppy base with a really nice give, soft and squidgy. The sauce is good and tomatoey with a nice herb addition, and the egg was perfect on my Fiorentina despite it having been cooked twice! The cheese was a bit of a let down as it was more cheddar than mozzerella.

The friendly staff and cheap price make this place definitely worth a visit, perfect little meal for if you’re just a bit peckish, Pepe Italian Street Food gets 7/10.

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