The Prince of Greenwich, Greenwich

After helping my dear friend and superstar dancer, Becca, move house, she felt it customary to pay me back in Pizza. I was fine with that.

The super cozy and eccentric Prince of Greenwich offer a variety of pizza, pasta and italian fare. Family owned, this place has a friendly feel to it, and frequently has live music by its roaring fire. With an eclectic and eccentric decor inside, featuring such beauties as a massive rhino head on the wall, this is an ideal place to down a few with friends on a chilly afternoon.


Another great thing about this pub is that they do a cheese fondue! It was more than enough to split between four of us, although we did run out of bread, and some pizza crust may have ended up being used instead. The fondue was delicious, and tasted a bit like very fancy dairylee cheese, in the best possible way.

I opted for the veggie pizza, while Marion and Becca choose margarita, and Charis went for a fishy one. Overall I’d say veggie was the way to go, the margarita was good, but the perfect mix of mushroom, artichoke and spinach on my pizza was worth the extra £1. I think they chose to make them long/square pizzas because it’s hard to fit a lot of circular plates on the smaller pub tables. But then again, maybe this is just their preference!

The margarita was good, and I have it on Charis’ authority that she also enjoyed the fish one. With a thin base, but pretty soft crusts and a lovely cut through of tomato sauce, I would definitely eat this pizza again. Prince of Greenwich get 8/10.


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