Da Michele, Stoke Newington

The long-awaited opening weekend of Naples most famous pizzeria, often billed as “the best pizza in the world” I was super excited to get the chance to finally taste this pizza. If you’ve ever watched Eat, Pray, Love this is the pizza our girl J-Robz eats in that.

Only instead of italy, we’re in london’s delightful neighbourhood of Stoke Newington, where the Neapolitan restaurant has just opened a new branch. Arriving at just before 6pm on a Sunday the queue was already out the door for tables – I grabbed a number and waited for about half an hour for a table for 2. Considering that they had only opened on friday this didn’t seem so bad.


When we were finally summoned, myself and the wonderful Annie were led upstairs to what definitely used to be two bedrooms which have been knocked together into one large dining area. The decor is quite simple, with marble tables and white walls there’s not much to distract from the pizza.

We both decided on the double mozzarella from the limited menu (Regular, Double mozzarella, Marinara) and had a good catch up while waiting. The couple sat next to us rated the pizza as 8/10 as they didn’t like the marble tables apparently pizza should always be eaten off a wooden table so the heat doesn’t go into the table. He also told the rather rushed off her feet waitress this – I’m not sure it was the right timing for this.

After about 15 minutes, they arrived! Flopping over the edge of the plate, piping hot, these pies were a thing of beauty. I eagerly tucked in, and I have to say, it totally lives up to the hype. I was kind of expecting it to be very average as most things which bear the label “best in the world” often do. The marinara sauce is perfect, nicely salty and tart, but not too much, and the mozzarella was at a perfect melting point. The crust is puffy and squidgy on the edge and thin but not soggy in the middle. My only criticism was that the cheese fell off the end of the slice quite easily, but you can always just lift it back on.

With a small menu and pizzas varying from about £7-£10 it’s a pretty cheap dinner, especially as they are pretty huge pizzas. Annie felt the crusts were a bit too filling, so I stole her leftovers. She also has these comments to add to the review:

“It was fuckin A! I thought it was like if pizza express was bigger and better, the double cheese was a smart choice, and it’s good because you know it’s proper Italian food”

I’ll admit, it did get a bit cold towards the end – the man was right about the marble tables! But if you’re looking for a simple and solid margarita, this is your place. Da Michele gets my first ever 10/10

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