Pizza Union, Shoreditch

This place has been on my list for a very long time, as it’s one of the most popular pizza chains in london. After an amazing treasure hunt/murder mystery around brick lane, a very hungover Charis, a moderately hungover me and a seemingly fine Joe headed for some grub to revive us.

The first thing to note about Pizza Union is the price, it’s dead cheap! A margarita starts at £3.95 and the most expensive set pizza is £6.50 (you can create your own with extra toppings at £1) and even cheaper still is the garlic bread pizza at £2.95!

We ordered and received a little pager which Charis anxiously watched, as the hanger set in. It wasn’t too long before it went off and we collected our 4 pizzas (Fiorentina, Giardina, Funghi and Garlic Bread Pizza) and tucked in!

The first thing that I noticed is that the base is really thin and crispy, too thin for my personal taste, I like it a bit doughy around the crust at least. But there were abundant toppings, and a pretty good sauce!

img_8457The Fiorentina was cut in a really weird way so as not to cut the egg, but it just made it really hard to share as we kept having to cut off random bits of the egg. The dips were pretty good, at 50p per pot the garlic sauce was just about enough for one person, and the hot sauce was surprisingly good, with more heat than I expected.

Overall I’d say if you’re looking for somewhere kind on your wallet this is the place to go, and if you’re a thin crust lover this will become your favorite spot! But I like a bit of cushion for the pushin on my pizza, so for me, Pizza Union gets 6/10, it was spot on except for the base.

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