Well Kneeded Wagon, Bloomsbury

I was already off to a great start with this pizza as I won it on instagram for international pizza day. Parked up about 8 minutes from my office is the Well Kneeded Wagon, a portable pizza van which sets up shop every thursday at the Bloomsbury farmers market.

It was a bitterly cold day, and I bundeled up against the wind. Luckily it didn’t take too long to get my piping hot pizza, about 10 mins and it was in my hands. I then had to make the almost impossible decision- did I eat cold pizza in my warm office, or hot pizza in the freezing cold?

I went for hot pizza in the cold, took a seat on a bench outside the church and tucked in. It was pretty good, a nice crust,  but there wasn’t enough cheese on it. The sauce was pretty standard, nice tomato taste, I would most likely return to here! Only on a warmer day maybe…

Well Kneeded Wagon, a good pizza, and I got it for free! The lack of cheese lets them down a bit, but they get a solid 7/10 for generosity.

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