Il Guscio, Hackney

DISCLAIMER!! I was drunk when I ate this pizza, so this review might be skewed by beer goggles.

Il guscio is an unassuming pizza place around the corner from me, the sign is in comic sans and it has the feel of a place that’s been there forever. It’s friendly and has an authenticity you don’t get in the hipster-laiden hangouts of Hackney.

We ordered two pizzas between two of us, one meaty one and one veggie, due to the aforementioned drunkenness I can’t remember the names of the pizzas but the meat one had chorizo and the veggie was a margarita with rocket and parmesan and fresh tomatoes on top. It was one of the best flavour combinations I’ve ever had. It was amazingly salty and fresh, it had small mounds of minced garlic dotted on it, which gave all that garlicy flavour but it didn’t have the burning heat that raw garlic usually has.

The portions were generous for the price and filled three of us up no problem. Most importantly they avoided the oil and water leaking through and the base stayed nice and dry!

The fresh and cooked pizza mixed together is a revelation and I’ll be coming back to Il Guscio when I’m sober for sure. If you’re looking for a traditional italian restaurant, this should be top of your list! Il Guscio gets 7/10 for their flavour combinations.


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