Stables, Exeter

Stranded in Exeter after the van broke down, very stressed out and feeling pretty shit, I felt that if Pizza couldn’t lift my mood nothing would! I spotted this place and remembered my Dorset-hailing housemate had said it was the best pizza she’d had back home. I stumbled in at 12pm and decided it was promising that they had a shed-load of cider on tap, always a good sign. I sat down looking like a weird dirty solo day drinker (dirty in the sense I was actually covered in dirt) and ordered a lovely light cider while I perused the menu.

I fancied being a bit adventurous so I went for potato, blue cheese, caramelized red onion and spinach. This might not sound adventurous to you but I’m intolerant to raw red onion so cooked is always a gamble, and this was my first foray into trying blue cheese as an adult. It was likely that two of the main ingredients of this pizza were going to cause me some problems.

I should add to this tale that I was massively sleep deprived at this point and for some reason decided to cut the pizza like this….. no idea why. Lucky for me this blue cheese was delicious, it was a local cheese and more creamy than it was moldy. The potatoes were flavoured with rosemary (a personal favorite of mine) and were small enough not to overpower the other ingredients. The red onion was lovely and didn’t cause me discomfort so that was a bonus.

My experience here was great, the staff were friendly and helpful with good recommendations, the food was tasty and the cider even more so! Lucky for you they’ve recently ventured further north and opened some branches in London, so give them a try if you see it! I think Stables deserves a solid 8/10.

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