Apollo Pizzeria, Stoke Newington

‘Come try out my new sofa’ is what led to Becca coming up to Hackney for a good catch up and some quality pizza time. We wondered over to this neon-signed, exposed brick, ‘locally-sourced vegan cheese’ establishment.


It’s been on my list for a while as I’ve heard great things, and I wasn’t disappointed. Pizzas are reasonably priced with a marinara starting at £4.50 and the steepest being £11. They also have a whole menu section dedicated to vegan pizzas, one of which Becca went for (the Vegana). I went for a Margarita with added pecorino, and we both chose the Aioli dip for our crusts, and a Birra Messina.

The mix of flavours on the Vegana was amazing and created a great depth of flavour, with the base tomato sauce on both mixing a slight sweetness with some acidity. The dough was squidgy and delicious, with a great crust. All the ingredients tasted high quality, and fresh, which added to the enjoyment of the pizza.

My only criticism would be that the aioli was quite oily and more like a garlic butter, so I’m not sure I’d get that again, but other than that this is up there with the best of them.

For their excellent offering of vegan choices and great ingredients I’m giving Apollo 8/10



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