Stuffed Crust Cheese Feast, Aldi Uk

I love Aldi, I used to live above one and in recent years they’ve expanded their range to include lots of vegan products and cheap healthy stuff. I was super excited when they recently opened a branch about 10 mins away from my house via bus. On my first expedition there I found this beauty:


I felt it was worth giving it a try, as usually stuffed crust pizzas are in the frozen section, I took it home and cooked it up! The result was this:


It’s totally worth trying, the only thing it could’ve done with would be more sauce, it was a bit dry around the edges. I’ve got to say it’s really good as stuffed crusts go with a nice chewy mozzarella crust and a nice cheese blend on top. The dough is soft and squidgy and the sauce is tangy, but not too salty. Overall Aldi get a 7/10 for this effort based on the price to yum ratio!

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